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About Us

Nefer Design was founded by Nicholas in 2018 to provide a quality web and graphic design service aimed at clients who prefer to know what they are paying in advance (no hidden fees). We understand data and security is paramount, especially when collecting customer information so we have packages that ensure you meet GDPR requirements with premium security and a back-up facility to cover you against loss or damage to your site.

We are completely customer focussed and so communication throughout the process is key for us to realise your visions. We have delivered a transparent pricing model with packages aimed at those with a small budget to those with more advanced website requirements.

It’s difficult to create stunning websites without powerful visual content so we decided to include 100% licensed images & icons in all of our packages. We also provide in-house services to get your company’s logo and branding fully modernised ready to use on your new or existing website.

Finally, we recognise that video content is becoming more important for all businesses, helping to substantially increase engagement and sales so we also provide a range of short but essential video marketing services to enable our clients to take full advantage of this medium.